5 Words I Hate

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Are there certain words which, for one reason or another, make you want to forsake humanity, move to the hills and become a hermit? I have a few of my own irritating words, and here they are.

5. Pecan
Only when it is pronounced, “peecan”. Everyone knows it’s pronounced, “puhcon”.

4. Soda
What? It’s either coke, or the equally acceptable pop, but never is it “soda”. An example of the proper way to ask for these carbonated drinks would be as follows:

Waiter: Hi, what can I get you to drink?See?
Customer: Coke.
Waiter: What kind of coke?
Customer: Dr. Pepper.

3. Gravitas
The only people who use this word are unimaginative reporters.

2. Memory
Okay, so I don’t hate the word itself, but I do hate when people misuse it. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone use “memory” while meaning, “hard drive space”, I would make Clay Bennet look like a hobo. You spent $800+ for your computer; learn something about it.

1. Fixins
Call them sides, extras, accoutrements or even the still annoying yet acceptable, trimmings. But for the love of all that is holy, do not use the word fixins. Nothing will make you look like a mouth breathing hick faster than the use of this horrible word.

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  1. I know this post is old and all....but your top 5 words annoy me, too. I also hate "moist" and "creamy" SHUUUUDDDEEERRRRRRR.

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