All Hail The Steve


The amazing Steve Jobs and his fabtabulous iPhone have done it again. Much to my delight, when I checked the latest apps on the Apps Store, I noticed the addition of a WordPress app. For over a year I have been searching for a way to make posts through my phone. It wasn’t until I bought my iPhone in April that this became a reality… sort of.

While the last two posts were made from my iPhone, I have had to jump through hoops to make that happen. As a result, I rarely ever post. However, this new WordPress app will change that problem. I’m not promising a new post everyday, but I can say they will now be more frequent than once every two months.

So rejoice, my one or two readers, and give thanks to The Steve.

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  1. Rejoicing is happening, dear author.

  2. While it's an awesome device (got one on the firtst day), it's till very buggy, especially when compared with the original. The GPS is awesome.

    Also, my camera is screwed up. I'm waiting for crowds and such to die down to go in and get it "fixed".

  3. steve jobs rulz IJ's world.

    but he won't admit it.


  4. I took a sip of the Steve Jobs kool-aid, and it tasted good. The aftertaste was a little bitter, but I'm willing to allow him to make a better brew.

  5. Oh, 2.01 sucks as an "update".

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