The Mattatarian v3.0!


I just finished updating to the latest version of WordPress, as well as creating a new look for the site. This new version should load faster and will allow me to add more features.

Not to mention the fact that the brighter look should help you avoid the urge to load a playlist full of early 90′s mope rock, draw spider webs on your face with mascara and write poems about how sad you are. The old look was so dark, even I got down in the dumps when making a post. Well, no more because its a new day at A new day full of sunshine and rainbows and unicorns and tacos and QuikTrip and Muchacos….
More posts to come!

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  1. my emo index has dropped nearly 67% since Matt 3.0!

  2. #&@#$! rainbows and unicorns. Dark screens are good and happy screens. I still pine for the days of bright green on black, and text-based browsers. :)

  3. Dan scores 10+ for his post.

  4. I shiver at the thought of green text on black backgrounds... backgrounds made of animated gifs... horrible animated gifs... Weird how that is considered high tech on most MySpace templates.

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