Mattatarian v4.0: New Design, New Outlook


Almost two years ago, I kind of lost interest in blogging and this site fell by the wayside. This was supposed to be a fun creative outlet about beer, but geezam crow did I ever get off track. Long political diatribes that just left me angry by the time I was finished, were all I seemed to write about. In the end, I came to the realization that people’s political and religious views aren’t swayed by reading blog posts, and that it really was not place to presume to do so. After all, I’m just some 32 year old dude from Oklahoma. What made me think I had all the answers and a monopoly on truth?

Well, here we are two years later. I’ve traveled considerably during that time, and met a lot of interesting people from all walks of life, all over the world. There were a lot of good beers and food along the way too. From California to Germany, beer and food opened up incredible conversations with strangers I might not have ever met. Beer and food, bringing people together to talk and listen to one another. Beer and food, bringing smiles and laughter between different cultures. Beer and food, making the world better and a little smaller. Beer and food, helping me always look for the good in people.

Prost! Drinking Ayinger Brau Weisse straight from the fermenter at Ayinger in Germany.

These are the things I want to write about now. Sure, I may become indignant about some perceived injustice and write about it from time to time, but what fun is a blog full of nothing but that? No, let’s get back to what I started this for: to talk about beer, food and life.

But mostly about beer…

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