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A few months ago I stumbled across a local blog called The Lost Ogle. I was delighted to find a group of malcontents, who, much like myself enjoy railing on Oklahoma City “celebs”, commercials and mouth breathing politicians. Shortly after becoming a regular reader, the gents at Lost Ogle though it wise to help those of us in Oklahoma City connect with the poor saps in Tulsa, by bringing in a weekly guest columnist. Enter The Irritated Tulsan.

Being a native of the Tulsa area, my first reaction was to pick up surrounding objects and begin throwing them at this guest writer. I left for OKC over 8 years ago, and though, while I miss those green things called trees, Coney Islander, BIll & Ruth’s, Kilkenny’s and my beloved QuikTrip, I have never regretted my move. Tulsa is, and will forever be, an avatar of my redneck past. So I did what any jerk on the interweb would do: complaine. However, the Irritated Tulsan being the swell guy he is, we came to an understanding. An understanding based on our mutual love of QuikTrip. As an even greater gesture of understanding, he began writing a weekly post called, Mattatarian’s Food Offering of the Week. In this column, he has kept me apprised of all the wonderful food QT has to offer.

So now my friends, I am launching Irritated Tuesdays on Every Tuesday I will be posting a banner linking to that weeks Food Offering. While you are there, read the rest of his blog. His has become one of my most frequently visited blogs, enjoying his irreverant and entertaining stories on life in T-town.

And yes, I am totally ripping off The Lost Ogle’s idea, though I don’t like to call it that. I like to call it, synergy. Or maybeyou would call it a blog-énage à trois?

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  1. I just checked out Irritated Tulsan's Web site. Great recommendation Mattatarian. I really enjoyed it. The food on Mattatarian's Food Offering of the Week looks delicious.

    Irritated Tulsan

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