The Kid Will Ride Again


Mark - aka "The Kid", aka "Taco Gypsy"Yesterday, my friend Mark was on his way to work when he was in a motorcycle accident. He was less than a half a mile from the office when a woman pulled out of a parking lot onto the street. Due to the fact that it was raining, he was unable to brake or maneuver around the car. He ran right into her wheel and was thrown off of his bike, over the car and onto the center divider.

Thankfully, Mark is a very cautious rider who always wears not only a helmet, but also riding boots and a full protective jacket with padding. Though he had this protection, he was still left with some pretty nasty injuries, including: a fractured pelvis, a fractured left leg, a bad skin tear and a black eye. He will probably be in the hospital for a while, and then even longer before he is back and riding and at work. Here is to wishing him a quick recovery. After all, someone has to take Ghost Rider’s place (and no, I don’t mean that horrible movie or lame comic. I mean the REAL Ghost Rider from Sweden).

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